The Afterparty

LaSalle, Ontario Canada

Bio: As many bands focus on dark experiences in their life The Afterparty chooses to take a different route. Their primary focus is to give you an escape from the negative in your life and re-focus your mind back on the good times because after all, we all need something in our life to remind us that, life is good. Sing-a-long choruses, wah pedals galore and more hooks than your uncle's tackle box. This is what we call The Afterparty. Growing up listening to the sing-able pop-rock bands of the 90's, and emerging into our teenage years surrounded by a surge of R&B and Hip Hop, our band has drawn on all genres to create our own brand of pop-rock which incorporates obvious influences from broader genres.

We are a four-piece band from Windsor, Ontario and we have just finished recording a full-length CD, independently. Each of us have been writing and making music in different bands for years and we believe we've created a recipe for success. Our style is a blend of Rock/Pop/Indie with a little bit of R&B or Hip-Hop on occasion to spice things up and push the envelope on generic genres. Our influences include a range of artists such as Shwayze, Third Eye Blind, Blink 182. Taking Back Sunday, Gym Class Heroes.

The Afterparty began one fateful night when Josh (lead vocals/guitar), and Matt (guitar/vocals) were at their cousins wedding, and began talking about starting a band. With a stroke of luck, they were served by Eric who was an old friend of Josh, and just happened to be a bass slappin' fiend. They began talking, and Eric suggested they jam with his friend Chris, who liked to dabble in the drums. After the first jam session, the chemistry of the group was undeniable and The Afterparty was born.

After months of recording their full-length album "The Afterparty Presents…The High Life" is finally complete. The album spans many different genres and draws on a variety of influence to give a complete view of what the Afterparty is capable of. The album was written focusing on the experiences and lifestyle of a university/college student as all the bands members are enrolled full-time at the University of Windsor.
The opening track "Start the Party" is features rap-style vocals and crunching grunge guitars and sets the tone for the theme of this album as it was written to rock a fraternity house party, where the song was debuted. "Lucky" is the next song on the CD which revolves around a theme many college students are familiar with, having a few drinks in the pursuit of a one night stand. A song called "Dizzy" stand-outs as it is reminiscent of 90's pop rock influence and focuses on the excitement of growing up and the need for us to be free and make/learn from our mistakes. In the middle of the album the band slows things down with "His Girl" is an r&b flavoured track, and "Hot & Cold" which both display a more serious side to the band, and focuses on the experience of falling in love. "The Beat" is another stand-out track as it deviates from the band's natural style but focuses on the search for natural highs outside of the city life, such as music.
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