The Atomica Project

Chicago, IL United States

Genres:Electronic - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Alternative Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: The Atomica Project is a union of downtempo beats and stunning female vocals, amplified by an organic warmth generally absent from electronic music.

Devised in 2004 by programmer/songwriter Wade Alin and vocalist Lauren Cheatham, The Atomica Project made waves in the chillout/electronic music community with their 2005 debut release Metropolitan. Based heavily on Alin’s personal experiences in New York, Metropolitan illustrates a compelling story of loss, affliction, collapse and recovery. Fueled by heavy podcast rotation, enthusiastic reviews, and an extensive online following, Metropolitan was considered by many as one of the best independent releases of 2005.

The Atomica Project spent the following year focused on live performances. With the addition of keyboardist Percy Trayanov and drummer Rey Guajardo, the band performed headlining shows in New York and Chicago, as well as an appearing at the Midwest Music Summit and opening for The Birthday Massacre.

Grayscale, the highly anticipated sophomore release from The Atomica Project, embodies in itself the struggle of its execution. Taking nearly 3 years to complete, Grayscale is loosely based on the dramatic climate of Cheatham and Alin’s adopted home of Chicago. Many of the tracks draw parallels between the cinematic storms of the Midwest and the turmoil of inter-personal relationships.

Alin’s detailed production on Grayscale constructs a more heavily orchestrated, lavish sound that further incorporates organic instrumentation and exemplifies the emotional impact of Lauren Cheatham's delivery. The comparisons that both flattered and diminished the uniqueness of their debut are no longer relevant, as Grayscale defines a sound exclusive to The Atomica Project.
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