The Brontosaur

Los Angeles, CA United States

Mark Shallenberg, T. Parks, and The Brontosaur
Bio: The mighty Brontosaur once lived in Los Angeles. It acquired audio technology.
One of the preceding statements is true. The other will soon be true.
Americans agree that the Brontosaur loves freedom. Rather, it would have loved freedom had it not been trapped in a tar-swamp eons ago. Recent studies indicate that a foreign space craft called "The Saturn" (piloted by the from-space-in-the-future-equivalent of a male-female tandem of Russian scientists) saved the Brontosaur from certain demise (at the hands of what is known in the future to be the most obvious cause of extinction but cannot be repeated here in the past for obvious reasons) in an act of direct insubordination toward the specific instructions from Maxwell, the head of the Planetary Council of American Freedom (PCAF). This album is their story.
Incidentally, musicians t.parks (Firetrucs), kellii scott (Veruca Salt, Failure), and brian gruidl (Firetrucs, So It Goes) were recruited to perform the soundtrack (in modern day). Guitars and drums are prominently featured. The video is not, and will not, be readied, so our generation is left with only audio and a faint smell of Syrniki (made of quark). To keep audio costs down, we have opted for a classic "rock and roll" theme, instead of using "future music," which we assure you, is extremely expensive to reproduce.
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