Max Tosi

Sassari, Sardegna Italy

Max Tosi
Genres:Folk, Pop - Adult Contemporary, World - Other
Bio: All those who love the beatnik side of Stephen Bishop, the albums of James Taylor – above all those prior to Flag - the masterly melodies of the Beatles, and the soft acoustic atmospheres of Ink’s Liv Taylor, simply have to listen to Let Me Ride. They will not be disappointed.

Max Tosi, originally from Cremona, a lengthy transit in Milan, but Sardinian by adoption (resident in Sassari for the last 11 years), gives the impression of having just stepped out of the Troubadour on a balmy evening in the mid-seventies with his live-act cassettes tucked under his arm. In effect the album Let Me Ride, although a studio album, has all the warmth and spontaneity of a confidential acoustic set recorded live in a small club. Priceless emotions for those who were brought up on bread and Mud Slide Slim or for those who for years have dreamed of travelling under a Californian sun towards San Buenaventura on the Fwy 101.

Genuine passion, love for the ballad, artisan attention to detail and simple instrumentation with light touches of strings and brass. Ten original compositions, ten instant soft-focus snapshots which, for better or for worse, appear to have been taken on an old-fashioned Polaroid. No bluffing, only the fragile, inexpressible charm of daily sensations, of little stories told with a delicate and at times almost naive touch.

The opening song “I have to make the time” illustrates Max Tosi’s musical offering in a nutshell. Tangible emotive intensity typical of the mood of seventies Taylor-style Californian song-writing while still retaining a distinguishable personal stamp of its own. Following in the wake are “Give me the way”, “I’ve been waitin’ for a long time” and the title track “Let me ride” where measured instrumental incursions and delicate strings arrangements higlight the melodic theme. Particularly convincing is the use of the Fender Rhodes in the harmonising, with the chords resting on the melodic line in the splendid tradition of Craig Doerge, Clarence McDonald, Steven Goldstein and company. Equally enjoyable are the tracks “Let me down on you”, “Freedom land” and “Late in the night” all of which highlight the album’s intimate, though never overtly introverted style. A special mention for “Someone has come” (included as a bonus track), a delicate ballad for piano and voice, performed by the singer Barbara Sanna, which confirms this author’s great artistic sensibility.

Stay away from this album if you are looking for special effects, refined or session musician recordings; the menu here offers frayed memories, forgotten sensations and the occasional perhaps under-ripe but absolutely natural fruit.
Review by Franco Fusilli
Translated by Tony Lawson - CEO IMIsound - Independent Musicians from Italy

Max Tosi, gifted singer/songwriter, has released his latest album titled “Let Me Ride,” comprised of dreamy folk/pop music. Tosi’s lyrics are cleverly written and are straight from the heart. His vocals are polished and have a soft and soothing effect for the listener. This album also has a well-balanced mix of instruments capturing the relaxing and laid-back atmosphere. Featuring an easy going beat, “I’ve Been Waiting For a Long Time” also features complementing horn fills. “Someone Has Come” is a charming piece sung by a female vocalist accompanied by a graceful piano. If you’re a fan of James Taylor, Max Tosi’s “Let Me Ride” is sure to be in your music collection as it is well worth hearing.
-Diane and The Reviewer Team

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