Bram Stadhouders

Tilburg, Noord-Brabant Netherlands

Bram Stadhouders
Bio: Bram Stadhouders was born in 1987 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. He is interested in atmospheric music through improvisation and composition. He plays guitar, guitarsyntesizer and laptop.

At the moment he is a composition student at the School of Music and Technology in Utrecht. He's active in various projects, and he's very concentrated on creating his own music, through his duo with Onno Govaert, and also his larger band "bram stadhouders korps". He also makes a solo produced album every now and then.

His father being a guitar teacher and his mother a classical piano teacher, he was drowned into music since birth. He got classical guitar lessons from his dad when he became 6 years old. He received 2 classical guitar awards when he was 8 and 9.

As a kid he started playing in a rockband and a jazzband, touring through the Netherlands in the biggest venues and events, being on TV, playing with Noel Redding, the bassplayer of Jimi Hendrix, and winning important Dutch competitions. He also played with great dutch jazz musicians like Harmen Fraanje and Hein van de Geyn.

Bram Stadhouders has gained national recognition in his homecountry Netherlands. In 2008 he was chosen as a "Young VIP”, the most prestigious prize for upcoming improvisers, followed by a tour through Hollands most important stages.

Bram is always seeking for artistic development and creating music that moves people to higher emotional levels.
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