Richmond , BC Canada

Photo taken by Mario Vaira
Bio: January, 2009

Vancouver, B.C.

Thomas Kjorven is a self-taught musician who has developed his own skills, and discovered his own sound through his passion for writing music. Blending elements of soul, jazz, r&b, and pop with piano and cool vocals, Thomas brings a shining light of music to the piano-coustic scene.

Thomas' first album "Time to Breathe" (2007 release) was finished within one year of moving to Vancouver. Intrigued by the process of creating music, he continued to write and learn more about the recording/producing process. One year later Thomas released his second album, "The Heavens Are Falling" (2008 release).

Creating every aspect on his own has sharpened his skills as a song writer, producer, and composer. "Each album so far has been a stepping stone to where I am now. The sound of my third album, I feel, truly represents what I do." Thomas' third album appropriately titled "Free Me With a Melody", will be released in early 2009. The featured single has yet to be decided.

A singer, songwriter, who plays multiple instruments - the talent is limitless and his inspiration has no boundaries. "I want to capture people with a unique sound and hopefully find some common ground through my lyrics. "My aim is ultimately to make music that I would buy, albums that I would want to listen to on repeat in my car." Pulling from a wide variety of influence from neo-soul legend D'angelo to the folk roots of Ben Harper or Ray LaMontagne, Thomas has found his own sound some where in the middle.

Thomas does all of his recording in his home studio, and through his intuitive ear has achieved a remarkable production quality. The only other person who has contributed to this album is his father, Don Kjorven, who 's guitar accompaniment entwines itself with Thomas' soulful piano in 2 of the songs on the album. They were never in the same room, let alone province during the recording of the album. "I think that's pretty cool that I can make music with my father who lives miles away from me."
There are no tours scheduled at this time. But stay tuned for updates on when this will happen.

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