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The "CRUSOE" video was no longer be available [2012]!




Live Band Links:

Listed on IMDB as C.S. Elliott

Notable films and events;
***2014 Composed the theme song, "Burferd & Hooby", for the web show; "Love, Food, Money", starring Angie Greenup, who also has been and is currently seen and heard on Name Brand commercials, TV shows, Internet shows, and more.
*** 2013 Film Score for the Australian short film, "Seven Kilometres", directed by Dean Marando. Numerous pieces of music licensed for use with many other various projects.
*** 2012 Film Score for the film "Midnight Showing", directed by actor/director Rob Brownstein, known for: "Very Bad Things" [1998], "Bean", [1997], "Closing Escrow" [2007]".
*** Music licensed through Getty Images/Pump Audio, world's largest music library to: Hyperion/Disney Book Group, Media Storm, Red Bull Media House GmbH RE, New York Magazine-Marketing, Vandam Productions; and the fast growing music library; Audiomicro, whose clients include Microsoft, Discovery Channel, CBS, CISCO, and RANDOM HOUSE.

*** 2011 Composed music for feature Documentary and feature films ; Licensed many pieces of music through one or more music libraries for many broadcast or non-broadcast projects.

*** 2010 music licensed for Canadian short film "Gitch"; much music licensed for independent projects through several music libraries.

*** NBC's 'CRUSOE'; for 'The Making of CRUSOE'; two videos: "Building the Mad Idea" and "Designing the Mad Idea"!

*** Licensing of original tracks every month through music libraries.

*** Eric Douglas [youngest son of Kirk Douglas and brother of Michael Douglas] stars in the awards winning short film "Words Left Unsaid" of which C.S.Elliott was the composer {wall to wall music!}].

*** Awards winning short film "Katrina Pets" of which C.S.Elliott composed the original music.
[many more films, listed below]

*** C.S.Elliott performed live over 2,000 times with mostly his own band.

*** C.S.Elliott studied film score at UCLA under Robert Drasnin, composer for many TV series such as "The Twilight Zone", "Lost in Space" "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", "The Wild, Wild West", and "Mission Impossible", as well as many TV movies and many more well known TV shows; and who was later, president of CBS Music for 14 years!

*** Herman's Hermits' Peter Noone [Lead Singer and Writer of numerous No.1 Hit songs] of which C.S.Elliott played keyboard brass live on stage in concert. Also "The Tokens" ["The Lion Sleeps Tonight"]!

*** Famous name touring bands of which C.S.Elliott provided live sound production

*** Metro Detroit Music Award winner!

Craig Elliott is a music composer of several genres [specializing in live and/or computer based orchestral film score].

Composer of live and recorded music for over 35 years, C.S.Elliott has recently moved to LA to score for film, full-time.

C.S. has written hundreds of original compositions and hundreds of arrangements for: film orchestra, adult and children's choir, live orchestra, small ensembles, marching band, jazz band, concert band, rockbands, HIP-HOP, R&B, etc.

Metro Detroit Music Award Composer Recipient - 1995 C.S.Elliott & Royce Javan Top 40 band leader of the very successful Detroit based band: "Think Pink", based on the earlier band "Expedition".

Recently moved to LA to SCORE FILM & TV MUSIC full time.
Some ORIGINAL CREDITS SINCE 2004 [not including arrangements]:
KW Films: 'Words Left Unsaid', 'Bloodline', 'Simply Lost'
Dream Cafe Productions: 'Love For Francis', 'Katrina Pets'
'Old Maid' (animated short); Ryan Estrada
"The Last Page"
Several features and many film shorts; many, many compositions for TV/film placement.

Long-time affiliations, working with several directors, who write, edit, and produce: art documentary, biography, personal drama, sci-fi, thriller, suspense, and action films.
Also under contract with several national and international music libraries.
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