d. russell

Canton, OH United States

Bio: With a velvety smooth voice akin to Shawn Colvin or Suzanne Vega, singer/songwriter d. russell of northern Ohio is a name you may not recognize yet, but you will soon. Russell released her debut album, Land of Solace/Days of Grace in 2004 and is currently recording a 5-song EP at Nashville's Omnisound Studios to follow up the debut. Her music is jazz-infused, melody driven acoustic pop with lyrical depth, but it's Russell's voice that will make any listener stop and pay attention.

Performing in restaurants and coffeehouses the past few years, Russell has performed both solo and with co-writer and fellow musician Jon Mathewson. But what really helped catapult her to another level was when she met Eliot Sloan, lead singer of Blessid Union of Souls. Sloan saw her play a support slot at a festival his band was headlining and became enamored with Russell's voice immediately, and the two became friends and co-writers. Russell has also performed with Alton Lee Hood, lead singer for the Grammy-nominated contemporary R&B group D.O.C.(Disciples of Christ); Jack Schantz,musical director of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, and more recently, Faith Evans, Diana Krall, and Norah Jones.

The 5-song EP, produced by Steve Tveit and Pat Mcgrath(who also weighed in playing acoustic guitar),has an all-star cast of players. Those include drummer John Gardner(Dixie Chicks), piano/keys Mike Rojas, bass player Matt Mckensie and electric guitarist Mike Durham(Dave Matthews, Tim Mcgraw).

"I had so much fun working with these guys, they are so talented and so fun to be around! As a songwriter, for me the best part was sitting down with Pat and Steve and figuring out how the songs would feel and sharing ideas and then to have mike,john,rojas, pat and matt surround my melodies and lyrics with so much punch, was awesome to say the least..'for the first time' captures that energy.And when you record your songs, you hope you get it right...I think we got it right!!!
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