Veronica's Veil

Jacksonville Beach, FL United States

Veronica's Veil is Jordyn Jackson and Randy Winter
Bio: Hailing from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Veronica's Veil (Vv) is a duo consisting of vocalist Jordyn Jackson and multi-instrumentalist/producer Randy Winter. With influences as far ranging as Ours, Nine Inch Nails and Christina Aguilera, their music defies any stereotypical rock/alternative/pop classification.

The evolution of Veronica's Veil began in mid-2006 because of "a prayer and a MySpace message." Then a struggling solo artist and at her wits’ end, Jackson prayed to find the right musicians. Days later, she received a message from Winter on MySpace. He had been searching for the voice he had dreamed about, and when the two met the following day, they knew the match was perfect. Within a month, a newly energized Veronica's Veil was touring all over the southeastern United States and gaining immediate popularity.

Released later in 2006, Vv's debut EP Middle Of Nowhere caused quite a buzz, attracting attention from numerous indie and major record labels. Written entirely by Winter, the EP exposed his angst-ridden lyrics and energetic instrumentation and displayed Jackson's solid vocal ability.

While this earlier music has been described by the Kings of A&R as "the direction Evanescence should have gone," their sound has since evolved into a category all of its own. Winter's love of electronic instruments combined with Jackson's organic, un-autotuned vocals makes for a high-powered yet alluring listen.

Despite the temptation to follow the ''existing band model'' and sign with a record company, Winter and Jackson decided to throw that idea away and do something unheard of: do it all themselves. So, Veronica's Veil hopped off the touring map in 2007 and began co-writing their sophomore album Enduring Winter. In June 2008, after months of non-stop songwriting, the duo began recording in their home studio.

Enduring Winter is a collection of songs written, performed, engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered solely by Winter and Jackson.

A 5 song EP is available now that includes the emotive single Other Side.

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