Matt Greer

Mt. Juliet, TN United States

Bio: The face of modern music is changing and Matt Greer is on the front line. Matt bridges gaps by blending head bobbin hip-hop electro beats, the arrangement sensibilities of pop rock and the emotional evocation of soundtrack score into pure melodic bliss. Matt's style is certainly his own, and though it is unique, his music is also extremely user friendly. His fan base crosses lines of culture, age, ethnicity and musical taste. Matt Greer has been producing for as long as he has been writing music. Over the past seven years he has been composing, Matt has grown into a true artist. His songs exhibit a fresh sound and immense versatility. The Trends in modern music are shifting in Matts direction and he is poised to be at the head of the pack. Matt Greer has a sonic vision and a heart felt desire to share his art with the world.
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