Cobol Pongide

Roma, Italy Italy

Bio: Cobol Pongide is a human-robot band featuring Cobol and Emiglino Cicala.
Their music is inspired by retrofuture, sci-fi, viewmaster, lonely robots and orphan children.
Cobol is a graduate of the Prague Institute for Armonic and Kinematics Arts.
Cobol plays toy keyboards and old home computers/console [like: Commodore 64, Gameboys (Nanoloop cartridge) and Nintendo NES] and self-made circuit bended machines.
Emiglino Cicala was programmed at the Giochi Preziosi TM laboratory, in Milan, Italy.
Emiglino is the frontbot, the lead singer, in equivalent human terms.
He he sings through a black wire plugged and a spar into
his plastic head.
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