Charles Bunczk

Glenside, PA United States

Charles Bunczk
Genres:Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions
Bio: In 2004, Charles Bunczk offered to create some original music to accompany a short fictional movie that he was making with a group of friends. Drawing upon his diverse musical education and experience, he set forth with keyboard and computer to create something unlike anything he had previously done. What he came up with was so startlingly unique, it took a second (and maybe a third) listen for his creative partner to understand the depth and artistry he had achieved with his compositions. By the time the movie was finished, the music was so much a part of the story that it would seem impossible to separate one from the other.

In the years since that first composition challenge, Mr. Bunczk has continued to create original music, themes, and scores for a variety of independent projects including numerous short movies, computer graphic animations, and even a website theme. This continued practice has led to a maturity and diversity in his compositional skill. As a result of this growth, Mr. Bunczk has developed a sharper sense for the art of composing music to fit the mood of a scene. His current output spans a multitude of styles, including classic choral/orchestral, jazz, lo-fi, ambient electronic, modern techno dance, and rock. In 2005, Mr. Bunczk self-produced and independently released a CD collection of his songs titled “musicforfilm vol.1,”featuring over one hour of original music. He has also completed the first thirty minutes of “Lament,” a musical based on a classic tale of horror.

To compliment his creative ability, Mr. Bunczk has another beneficial quality – a sense of responsibility. He holds a degree in Engineering from Drexel University and is a Certified Associate of Project Management as recognized by the Project Management Institute. In short, he knows how to plan and meet deadlines.

From his humble yet auspicious beginnings as a bass player and vocalist in rock bands to his current talent for composition, Charles Bunczk has developed into a unique voice that is sure to complement any project.

And…he has a great sense of humor!
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