Hugo Solis Band

Trondheim, Trondheim Norway

Hugo Solis Band
Genres:Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: So who are these guys you've been hearing so much about lately, you might be wondering? Well, Hugo Solis Band started off as a solo project some years ago. Hugo had moved from Barcelona (Spain) to Norway to expand his music career. He quickly got in touch with a lot of musicians and producers in Trondheim. Among them was former Stargate producer Trond Hillestad, who got involved in Hugo's career, helped him grow as an artist and refine his style. It took a lot of hard work and long songwriting sessions, but in the end the results showed up as Hugo discovered the music of the likes of Maroon5, Gavin DeGraw, Daniel Powter and Pink.

The project grew surprisingly fast, and the need for a band to be put together became evident. Some of the session musicians who had participated in the recordings, among them Chris Risnes (Guitars), Morten Hølås (Piano) and Fredrik Jenssen (Drums), joined in and started bringing their influence to the band's sound right away (they had long ago discovered the music of all those good artists themselves). It was a bonding period, a time of much rehearsal and countless gigs. The band's first release, Life is good EP, was published. Some members came and some others left, but the band's goal stayed untouched, and they worked hard at perfecting their sound and recording their first full-length album, Fresh Beat Inside.

As the direction of the music became clearer, they realised that what they had in their hands was getting bigger than what they had thought at first. Norway had been fun, but the US had to be the next goal. Long story short: a two-week trip to New York, lots of meetings with all kinds of companies, long lists with all kinds of contacts, and above it all a drive to keep them all on their toes. And they struck gold. Among all these contacts was Bernadette Brennan, CEO for Nightlife Productions NYC. The guys inmediately hit the tone with her, and plans and projects started flowing between them from day one. They knew they had found the right company when Bernadette asked them to star on her upcoming reality show Almost Famous.

The next step was obviously to go back to Norway and get ready to cross the ocean for good. But not everyone found the thought so appealing. Again, some members came and some members left. But this time the one coming in was Adam Storli (Solo guitars), and he meant to stay. Although the guys originally intended him to play the bass, it soon became clear that he should hold on to his guitar riffs for the band's own good. So what happened then? Well, what do you think? They continued working, as good boys must. More rehearsals, more gigs and more attention, and after all that... New York baby!

The rest, as they say, is history... So stay tuned to know what happens next!
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