Tony Noe

New York, NY United States

Genres:Country - Contemporary/Pop, Pop - Adult Contemporary
Bio: Singer/songwriter Tony Noe (pronounced No-ee) has been compared to some of the top Classic Rock artists. Largely influenced by the strong lyrics, sounds and sense of melodic purpose of these great musicians, his music is said to be mature and introspective in nature.

Noe's critically acclaimed debut release, One Way or The Other, showcased his style and versatility with straight ahead rockers along with soulful and folksy ballads about life, love and relationships.

His latest release, Chasing Better Days, is an expression of various common themes on life. It is supported by eclectic sounds ranging from Rock, Roots, Americana, Country, Orchestral, Pop, etc. The overall music, however, remains stylistically influenced by the Classic Rock artists of Noe's psyche.
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