Capitola, CA United States

Bio: Bay area artist Hani "Blows" us away with raw talent--she is the artist, the producer, and the engineer, all in the same mini skirt and New Rock boots. Miss Hani's commercial marketability became apparent in the CW's premier of Melrose Place, showcasing music from her 2009 release, "Dead Radio". Her signature industrial, yet very hip, electro production has earned her credits as a producer/remixer on the brand new Resident Evil Afterlife Deluxe Soundtrack (due in stores December 2010). Fans of Hani's work include followers of the Twilight Series and True Blood, in which her premier music video "Blow" (Keptone Filmz) features vampires that entice us in a dreamlike trance through a trail of crushed petals, that bleed out life from red, to gray, to white. That Hani's own storyboard concept is a "must see" is confirmed by growing nationwide popularity through Fuse on Demand, Power Play Music TV, Music Mix USA, Video Hits and Video Jam. "Blow" is also gaining momentum in So Cal nightclubs through Evision/Billboard DJ, and in retailers like Macy's and Ikea through ScreenPlay, Inc. Though a pianist from age three, Hani attributes her musicianship to her live performances and compositional studies at Stanford University. Embraced by television fans and movie-goers, Miss Hani's radio-friendly music is the bay area's red hot pop. Catch Dead Radio, and new release, Confession (Fall 2010), on Itunes and Amazon, and get "Blow"n away with her new video, also available on Itunes.
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