Weston James

Nashville, TN United States

Weston James
Genres:Easy Listening, Country - Contemporary/Pop
Bio: Country and Weston is Weston James' first commercial CD release. A recent transplant to Nashville from New York City, Wes' sound really is different from most Country acts. He blends an almost gritty urban edge with the simplicity of country and ends up with cool tunes that rock but are decidedly country.

Country with an Edge. That's how Wes describes his music. Country at heart, his many varied and sometimes extreme life experiences have been woven deep in the fabric of his music. Combine that with other musical influences like U2 and Prince the result is a sound that has crossover appeal across all spectrums.

Hailing originally from the Northeast, he spent most of his life in the South and after spending time in the miliary, he ended up in New York City where he says his music was born and where his songwriting career began. He recently relocated to Nashville, TN .

Weston James' music is from the heart and runs the full range of emotion. Songs like "I Wear Tight Fittin' Jeans",a funny look at the male ego, had a limited radio release and received airplay on Country Radio, and will have you laughing hard. Others like "Letting Go" will have most listeners truly feeling the pain that loss can bring about. Perhaps his most provocative work thus far is "What An Honor" which draws heavily from James' military service; he is a Combat Veteran and a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal. The story is told by a soldier being laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. "Southern Comfort, New York City Style", describes how one country boy finds the comforting reminders of home right in the middle of big city life and is similar in feel to Alanna Myles 1991 hit, "Black Velvet".
Weston James is a BMI affiliated songwriter, and a member of both the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and the Country Music Association (CMA).

Visit his mypace page at http://www.myspace.com/westonjamesmusic.

Official website: http://www.westonjames.net
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