Floyd Tolston

Ennis, TX United States

Floyd Tolston
Bio: “Floyd has something special in each song on his debut CD. ‘Something Special’ is a must-hear for anyone who actually listens to lyrics!”

--Scott D. Soderberg, program and operations manager, KAUS FM, Austin, Minn.


Don’t waste your time listening to Floyd Tolston if pumped-up commercial country glam is your idea of the way country music should be. The Texas singer/songwriter puts a new face on country music as he recounts stories of his country, memories and perceptions in a fresh, yet pure and unpretentious way. These are stories to which almost anyone can relate.
Remaining true to his country/folk roots, some songs remind one of Townes Van Zandt, John Prine or Tom T. Hall, but all bear the mark of Tolston originality. From humor to soul-searching ballads, captivating lyrics define the artist’s genuine songwriting ability. His debut record, Something Special is a collection of 14 original songs filled with vivid imagery uncluttered by cryptic metaphors and analogies.
His humor paves the way for appreciation of his more serious works. Wal Mart Lovers is the true account of a couple that the artist came across while shopping. His current charting single, Lookin’ Back at Luckenbach, is an upbeat “feel good” song that recounts the infamous sing-a-longs of Luckenbach’s former owner, Hondo Crouch. In contrast, Austin, the record’s debut single, tells the story of a musician chasing the Nashville dream, and ultimately succumbing to its pitfalls.
Something Special catches a sense of time and place as it follows the winding path of the human condition—its humor, social consciousness, lost promises, loves, happiness, busted dreams and death.
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