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Genres:Easy Listening, Pop Rock, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Pop Rock
Bio: Azwel is a project that involves New York songwriter Jason Perrillo. He has studied music for over ten years and holds a degree in Music Education as well as a degree in Audio Engineering. For the past five years, he has been recording and producing his own independently released albums in his home studio. Jason describes his music as interesting melodic pop. The songs are influenced by various styles of music ranging from the early 1990's Britpop sounds of Blur, Suede to Scott Walker, Radiohead, Nobou Uematsu or even the Pet Shop Boys.

Azwel completed a debut album entitled, "Hap End Void" in 2003. This was a very uniquely written and arranged electronic album that contained 11 original songs. Only a half year later, Azwel released the second album called "Diversions". The sound was taken much further in this release as it relied more on acoustic instruments; however, it also contained the occasional programmed keyboards, beats and vocal harmonies familiar to the previous releases. Azwel's music is always filled with lush soundscapes and each song has a uniquely original melody. Apart from the album tracks many album b-sides exist and are available to download for free on the official website. In the past, Jason has also collaborated with other online artists such as Julian Murias, Stephen Palmer and Syngularity.
Throughout the years Azwel's songs have been reviewed online and have gotten very positive feedback such as "Track of the Day" at and in 2004, the Album "Diversions" received some very positive reviews from the New York Newsday. Azwel's songs have also been featured on compilations put together by several international independent labels. Azwel has currently finished an eleventh album entitled, "Leaving The Fold" which expands the sound even further. There are no plans for live shows as of yet but you can always refer to the official site at for information.
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