Göteborg, N/A Sweden

Genres:Electronic - Ambient, Specialty - Promo Music
Bio: Xeeko is a producer from Sweden, who started his musical career in high school, using various sample programs, learning to compose and arrange. As time went by, the music grew, and more and more advanced software became the standard. During the time of this musical progress Xeeko also studied the fine arts of sound mechanics, audio technology and sound engineering, learning from some of the best sound technicians and producers in the country, and spending time in one of the best Swedish recording studios.

The music varied in style a lot in the progress of creating an original sound, but Xeeko finally settled in the sonic territories of the softer side of techno, inspired by artists such as Richi M, Archimidean Dynasty, and Ayumi Hamasaki, as well as a heavy influence from other parts of the Japanese electronic music scene.

Although techno is a leading star, Xeeko is not afraid to experiment, often crossing the border to other genres and styles, never ceasing to amaze the ear with a wide variety of illuminating soundscapes.
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