Phoenix, AZ United States

Bio: LORE has arrived and delivered with her first solo album, "MY SOUL SPEAKS." A collection of sensual yet powerful vocal performances, coincide with lush production and advance sound design. This is dark electronic pop with crossover potential to rock, trip-hop, ambient, industrial, electro and darkwave - all with a beautiful and emotional sensibility.

Trip-Hop put her on the map with her song "My Soul Speaks" included on “SHE - a female Trip-Hop Experience” (Sonic Images Records). Next, LORE is featured with LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT performing Hebrew vocals on "Blessing,” “Psycho-Magnet Re-Releases” (Metropolis/Trisol/IronD). Sean Brennan(LAM) then gets revenge on LORE’s "Haunting" - a sensual yet hard edge fantasy-like extravaganza that could easily find itself the theme song of a spooky James Bond movie

*LORE “MY SOUL SPEAKS” debut CD receives outstanding reviews!

9/10 stars! “ORKUS” Gerrmany/USA
5/5 Stars! “Elegy Iberica” Portugal
4/5 Stars! “Dark City” Russia

*Plus, LORE was chosen “Newcomer of the Issue” & “Newcomer des Monat” by ORKUS Magazine’s German/English Magazines then voted No. 6 “Newcomer of the Year in ”ORKUS’ Reader’s Poll!

“The focus of interest is, without a doubt, a female musician who is walking her own path, with attitude and mainly via darkened alleyways. Past dive bars with film noir flair (Sink) and semi darkened clubs where electro-clash and power pop are the soundtrack to life until the early hours (Flow). The cockles are warmed by the messaging bass, vocally arranged atmospheric songs, and Lore’s special voice that, especially in the lower ranges, gives you goose bumps. “My Soul Speaks” has the potential to become a favorite album for rainy autumn days and long winter evenings. Enlivening, beguiling, inspiring!” ORKUS MAGAZINE

“A fusion of blissed out programming and dreamy vocals with something dark and dirty lurking underneath.”

*LORE has recorded with BILLY IDOL, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, ZILCH and others!

*LORE songs have been darkly entwined with the “SAW” independent, blockbuster soundtrack entity decadently presented from Trisol Music Group/Germany:

SAW II OST “My Soul Speaks”

SAW III OST “Haunting”
(feat. Sean Brennan LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT)

SAW IV OST “The Wait” (previously unreleased)
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