Paul Stirk

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne & Wear United Kingdom

Bio: Paul has been a professional musician for 25 years, playing in bands of various musical styles including pop, rock, country, jazz, funk etc. Paul plays keyboards, guitar, drums & bass as well as being a trained pianist.

Songwriting/composing & recording have always been the main interests and these took a huge leap forward some twenty years ago when Paul began to work with legendary producer/manager Larry Page (Kinks, Troggs, R.E.M. etc), writing & recording with acts signed to his record company.

Paul had a major hit in Europe with his song “U Don’t Know How To Love Me” recorded by vocalist & T.V star Mia Aegerter (BMG). The song remained in the charts for several months and received a huge amount of radio airplay as well as T.V. showings including MTV, RTL. Mia Aegerter won the “Best Newcomer of The Year” award in her home country.
Other releases include “Don’t Tell Me Lies” recorded by Austrian star “Petra Frey” and “My Universe” recorded by Italian act “Space Jump”

Paul is currently writing songs & production music for artists & T.V/Film etc,


1. Mia Aegerter – “U don’t know how to love me”

2. Petra Frey – “Don’t tell me lies”

3. Best of the Dome compilation
“U don’t know how to love me”

4. Space Jump – “My universe”

5. Shari Krestine
“Can u live without my love”
“Everyone’s heart is broken”
“Instead of this”
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