Toronto, Ontario Canada

Bio: Named after an android from the original Star Trek series, Rayna is anything but robotic, and her music is a candid reflection of this. Fueled by life experience, her powerful, introspective lyrics speak of pride, love, change and loss and keep her humanoid audiences enthralled and connected. Fluid, stirring melodies and a deep vocal range make for a sound that is passionate and strong, yet distinctly feminine.

The year 2007 saw the release of Rayna’s debut album, Empty Room, which brought her songs to life via the full instrumentations implicit in her acoustic/vocal arrangements. Having established a high internet profile, Rayna's music has attracted attention and support locally from broadcasters such as XM Radio, Humber Radio, IndieCan Radio and globally from numerous podcasters. Her songs and voice have also been prominently featured in independent films and on networks such as HBO Canada, HGTV, PET Network, PBS.

Empty Room may have showcased Rayna’s music in a more traditional context, using acoustic instruments, but hers is a restless soul. An avid traveler, Rayna’s hunger for exploration is taking her down new musical paths, guided by her more electronic and progressive influences. One can expect her sophomore effort to incorporate vast sonic landscapes along with the dark and pensive songwriting she has become known for. Empty Room is currently available worldwide through her official website, Myspace.com, iTunes and HMV.com
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