Stevie Holland

New York, NY United States

Stevie Holland
Bio: *NEW CD BEFORE LOVE HAS GONE makes USA TODAY Top CD Picks of 2008*

“Effortless swing and a radiant wit…a self-possessed tour de force.”
- Gary Giddins

“It just doesn’t get any better than this…I hear Stevie Holland and I get goose bumps. Need I say more?”

“Carrying her torch with a light, sure hand, Holland makes the Sammy Fain/Yip Harburg tune both seductive and achingly pure.”
- Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY

“Before Love Has Gone shows that Holland’s brilliantly captivating More Than Words Can Say was no fluke…I could go on and on, but instead, I will abbreviate in conclusion by emphasizing that I could listen to this lady all day.”
- George Harris, ALL ABOUT JAZZ,
Los Angeles, San Francisco-Bay Area, Chicago Edition

“The perfect pitch of her voice and its bell-like clarity are the obvious reasons why many critics consider her the finest young vocalist on the jazz scene today. That she also writes quality songs (with her husband/arranger, Gary William Friedman)--such as Before Love Has Gone and The Music In Me That Plays--are further reasons why she is verging on the brink of stardom.”
- Willard Manus, LIVELY ARTS.COM

"Every woman who has needed to sing the blues over a cad wishes she could handle it with the class and elegance of Stevie Holland...Holland handles her melodic phrasing with maturity, total command and aplomb, and the emotional vulnerability of a woman who is completely honest with herself and comfortable in her skin..."
- Susan Frances, JAZZ

“Highly recommended”
- Ken Dryden, AMG **** Album Pick

“Stevie Holland delivers a consistently high level performance throughout the album. Backed by a group of wonderfully sensitive accompanists and an appealing variety of musical material, this album is tops from beginning to end.”
- Clive Griffin, JAZZIMPROV Magazine

"Whether the songs are those of Rogers and Hart or Irving Berlin’s or her own beautiful originals, this recording captures the essence of jazz singing at its best."

“You must have muscular chops to do what Stevie Holland attempts. You need a feel for jazz phrasing and, above all, you should be firmly rooted in theater. Holland has it all and succeeds beautifully…”
- Harvey Siders, JAZZTIMES Magazine

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