Valatie, NY United States

Genres:Country - Classic, Rock - Roots Rock
Bio: The REVERBERATORS was formed in 2002 by Marty McDermott of Valatie, NY and Tom Holland of Delmar, NY. Both veteran musicians with roots reaching as far back as the late 60's, Marty and Tom had a shared vision of a band influenced by the great vocal rock n' roll groups of the 60's and 70's. Their intent was to create a band that featured original material, and utilized carefully arranged vocal harmonies as the group's predominant feature. The REVERBERATORS is the result of this vision.

The band's personnel lineup has gone through a handful of revisions since its inception.
· Starting in 2004, Jim Featherstone, an accomplished guitar-slinger and vocalist from Saratoga County joined the REVERBERATORS and became a dominant creative force in the band's musical direction. His hooks and arrangements give the songs a unique signature.
· Beginning in the Fall of 2005, Luke Legg from Ravena, NY, an accomplished musician and singer, joined the group on keyboards and vocals and has contributed to the band's writing efforts.
· In 2006, Paul Posson became the bass player in the band. Paul is a veteran musician from Schenectady, NY who brings his unique bass stylings to the mix, anchoring the rhythm section and providing stage presence too.

The REVERBERATORS is a rock 'n roll dance band that performs a wide range of styles from various musical genres including a varied mix of rock 'n roll juke box standards plus generous portions of blues, ballads and rockabilly. Their current repertoire includes original material from their 2006 CD release, "What's Shakin'?" and the recent 2009 release, "Almost Home"!!
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