One Friend

Mechanicsville, VA United States

One Friend plays the soundtrack to your life flashing before your eyes.
Genres:Alternative Pop, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Everyone’s got a One Friend story. My younger sister had this one friend that would eat toothpaste straight from the tube at lunchtime, and everyone used to call him Cricket. My older sister had this one friend in high school that was really into working on cars, and he was going to be an auto mechanic until one day his fingers got lopped off in the fan blade of a 1983 buick lesabre, which put an end to that dream pretty damn quickly. My friend had this one friend that he used to wait tables with at a hotel restaurant that died the summer after she graduated from college at the tender age of 22. These stories seem pretty common, even ordinary. Who would write about such things? Well…….One Friend is a Richmond, Virginia based band whose songwriting obsesses on these oft-overlooked moments and these ‘one friends’ from one's day or year that really make a difference in the grand scheme of things by actually staying in your memory as you move farther and farther from them in time. Everyone's read the chain letter about the kid that was going home from high school on a Friday to commit suicide when another random kid at the school decided to befriend him when he saw that he was having a rough time. Who knows if its true or not, but it's at least a nice idea with a lot of underlying truth to it. It takes little more than one friend to get you through life and its hard to argue otherwise when you really think about it. One Friend’s songs try to relay the idea that its sometimes hard to put possessions and stature on the back-burner, but everyone eventually comes to grips with the fact that if you don't and see what’s good about what’s already there, you'll just end up burning out or at least on prozac or paxil, yeah, maybe paxil.
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