Baton Rouge, LA United States

Genres:Electronic - Industrial, Electronic - Pop, Pop - Electronic, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: BetterCarma is an American, electronic rock band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana formed in 2006 by Brad Van Oss and Courtney Chambers. The members have a long, friendly relationship due to their families living next door to one another. Courtney having played with Brad’s sister in her childhood and her cousin playing in Brad’s first band created a bond between the two that laid the foundation for their musical project. During the summer of 2006, Brad heard Courtney singing playful melodies while working
in her grandmother’s yard. This particular muggy, Louisiana afternoon Brad walked next door and asked Courtney if she was interested in doing some recordings. It was during these sessions that the band was formally realized upon discovering her raw talent
for the art.
Brad Van Oss is an experienced performer and songwriter. Brad began taking guitar lessons at the age of seven and continued his study of music during high school with jazz guitar, piano and vocal instruction. He formed his first original music band and began renting out venue’s for all ages shows at seventeen. Brad has been involved in the recording
of three full, length albums. As the singer/ songwriter of a heavy, alternative act the group gained regional success and was reviewed in his college newspaper as, “Jim Morrison meets Metallica”. Brad progressed as a performing songwriter and lead guitarist gaining national airplay with his song “Bleed” and performing at venues the likes of Voodoo Fest.
Courtney Chambers a.k.a. Better C is natural at songwriting and is an eager pupil for discovering the many facets of musical creation. Her musical background consists of skipping out on ‘Mary had a little lamb’ piano lessons for candy at the corner store. The need to play with Mozart intensity before learning the keyboard basics prevented further
study after a year of lessons but lends itself to her experimental writing style now. Most enthusiasm was derived from her 6th and seventh grade choir teacher. For two years she experimented in music pushing the limits of her voice, both soprano and alto soprano. More recently, she notes praise for her strong English background that helps focus her ideas to paper then to music.
In recording their debut release, the almost self-titled album ‘Better Karma’, the band took a do-it-yourself approach. While gathering recording equipment like farmers during
a harvest, the group took advantage of modern technology to produce a major label sound in their own environment. The group wrote the lyrics and music, engineered, and produced all in one comfort zone. The freedom from time constraints (normally inflicted by paid studio time) allowed the duo the ability to experiment and find unconventional and unique ways of combining synthetic and analog instruments. ‘Better Karma’ was released July 2nd with worldwide distribution. The Band is currently touring in support of the release while continuing to write and record.
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