Joe McCready

Fort Mill, SC United States

Bio: oe McCready's music has been likened to that of Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and others over time due to his mellow sound and unique voice. The grandson of a cello player and the product of a family possessing a history of talented vocalists, Joe has a gift for songwriting that has taken him as far away as Santa Monica, CA from his hometown of Fort Mill, SC. He has had the opportunity to play at several venues like the famous Rainbow Room (at the Rainbow Bar & Grill) in Hollywood, CA (not to mention other Los Angeles area venues), and has opened for artists like Jonah Werner, Jason Reeves, and Colbie Caillat back home in South Carolina.

Like many musicians, Joe started playing in church, picking up guitar with three friends who all started playing in 2001. Writing came along with playing rather naturally and Joe's craft was shaped predomninatly through the performing and writing of praise songs. After playing at a small coffeeshop in Fort Mill his last year of high school, Joe ventured to the University of Auburn in 2005 for his first year of college. There he would play at a coffeeshop called Cambridge Coffee and briefly break into the bar scene during his last semester, playing at places ilke Rooster's and Quixote's. At the end of his first year, he switched majors and made the transfer to Clemson University. A debut album, Simple Songs, was recorded during the summer of 2006, and was released in the fall of the same year. Due to a overload of new material and the encouragement of friends and family, a second record began to be constructed in the Spring of 2007, which would become the unique independent album, "On the Way to Washington".

On the Way to Washington features a much vaster sonic landscape than Joe's first independent release, and intentionally has an even mix of "secular" and Christian praise tracks. The two styles were combined in even/odd order to promote the idea that "music is music"; and also to stray from the traditioned "genred album" concept (one genre per album). In it's purest state, the album's structure reflects it's desired message: That Christianity should not just be something we do on Sunday morning; it should be intertwined in our everyday lives. The hope is that the music helps to somehow reveal to the listener the fact that God has made the beauty we see around us. Even in the opposite sex and our relationships. And lastly, that he brings glory to his son Jesus Christ through these things in their proper time and place.

His band, Joe McCready & The Promised Land play predominantly around the Southeast and are based out of Clemson, South Carolina. The Promised Land consists of Greg Dasher (percussion extraordinaire & back up vocals), David Leininger (bass), Kyle Noblin (electric guitar). All of the members are students at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina.

For more information, email Joe at On the Way to Washington & Simple Songs can be purchased through, iTunes, or other online retailers.
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