Simone DeBlasio

Los Angeles, CA United States

Simone DeBlasio, singer songwriter
Bio: “IMG Music Promotions has hand selected Simone DeBlasio as some of the very best that independent music has to offer and invites major label friends, alongside our other visitors, to check out this advancing artist.”

“Captivating Southern California-based singer-songwriter Simone DeBlasio played San Francisco last week. If you missed seeing her, you can still experience the pleasure of her music via her MySpace page. “Baby Angel” and “True” are among the moving numbers from last year’s “Grounding the Fall” album. “One Night” represents a promising preview of her next release.” Paul Freeman / Entertainment Writer, Palo Alto Daily News

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Simone DeBlasio writes Folk-pop songs with a pure storytelling essence. The pieces are timeless and classic, with stories about love and the journey to it. With haunting hooks and captivating melodies her songs keep you company long after the last note.

Simone’s musical calling began as a young girl with an accordion and a book of songs. Seeing a natural spark light up, her mom procured a piano and a bunch of grueling lessons. That was all it took for Simone to fall madly in love with making music.

After moving out west to Los Angeles from Maryland via San Francisco, Simone picked up an acoustic guitar and an entirely new musical world opened up. Folk-pop Americana music comes naturally to Simone and her songs organically meld emotional experiences to music.

Simone recently released her fourth album, “rolling with thunder” – a collection of sweet, sometimes sad Folk-pop songs. Influenced by road trips… love… darkness… light… a little thunder…

For a second time, she collaborated with notable and multi-talented producer, Larry Treadwell, whose credits include the Rolling Stones, Cyndi Lauper, Thomas Dolby and Kelly Clarkson. Mr. Treadwell engineered a brilliant composition that erupts life into the storyline. The backdrop of the album is a haunting and visceral sound-scape devised by visionary and imaginative sound designer, Peter Stier Jr. Once again, Jennifer KM Treadwell delivers angelic and ethereal vocal harmonies, lifting the tunes to new heights. Special appearances are made by heartrending and emotive guitarist John O’Kennedy, dynamic bassist/guitarist Rory Lovett and acclaimed cellist John Krovoza, whose credits include the Dixie Chicks, Joshua Radin and Michael Penn.

Discography includes: “Ablemarle Ave.” (2001), “Dropping Dimes” (2003) and “Grounding the Fall” (2007) and “rolling with thunder” (2009).

Simone performs throughout Los Angeles, with occasional appearances in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. For show dates, video footage, photos, and to catch up on the latest happenings visit:
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