Guido Negraszus

Busselton, WA Australia

Bio: Initially starting out as an Electronica artist in Germany, Guido Negraszus has gradually come into his own as a universal multi-genre sound designer par excellence, meanwhile residing in Busselton, Western Australia.

As an independent artist, he has released 22 albums in the genres of New Age, Electronic, Chill-out, Soundtrack & Meditation to date.

As a Tonmeister graduate from the well-known SAE Institute, Guido possesses a command of both the technical and musical elements of modern music production. His ultra-modern music studio is designed to deliver the highest standards in modern production techniques, including the ability to re-create a full virtual orchestra.

Today, he creates dreamy, ethereal music with a World Beat and New Age/Ethnic sensibility as well as epic Hybrid-Orchestral themes for Film and TV.

Since 2010, Guido has worked as a full-time media composer creating many musical stories in a variety of genres for a range of quality production music companies such as Getty Images.

Guido’s spirited compositions are highly regarded in the Film and TV industry for their cinematic vibrancy.
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