Liquid Diet

New York, NY United States

Liquid Diet
Genres:Electronic - Pop, Pop - Electronic, Alternative Pop, Rock - New Wave, Rock - Alternative Rock, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: Liquid Diet is a scrumptious new musical cocktail fronted by Aussie bombshell Georgia Haege and Californian charmer Billy Hanson. Music master Electronathan tops off the elixir. The music of Liquid Diet has been described as “equal parts disco and electro, with a healthy dose of over-the-top lyrics.” Whether you spit or swallow, Liquid Diet is a fast and effective way to shed those unwanted inhibitions on the dance floor.

In addition to being compared to such established acts as The Scissor Sisters, Hot Chip and Chromeo, Liquid Diet has received loads of favorable reviews over the last few months. Here are some highlights:

“Crafty and clever. Fantastically hypersexual.”
-Audio Fuzz

“Glamorous pop goodness (by) a trio of desperately attractive individuals.”

“…Sexy nouveau-disco trio Liquid Diet, kinky cool kids who crank out seriously infectious tunes like a dreamy electro cover of George Michael’s “Father Figure” and refreshingly witty, flirty, narcissistic, super-gay party tracks “Nude” and “Hand Dance.”
-The Advocate

“Funny, feel-good, laughable songs that make you wanna get down and dirty. Their video for ‘Hand Dance’ is a tongue-in-cheek glory ride of fun.”
-Anti Twink

“A retro new wave vibe, in a kind of Animotion-meets-Divinyls kind of way. Kitschy for sure but not only instantly likeable but hard to get out of your head, and before you know it you’ll want more. Vocalists Georgia and Billy trade off well.”

“From the ashes of that cheeky electro-pop trio Whore's Mascara comes Liquid Diet… a new foray into sexed-up dance comedy… fierce beats, sexual innuendo and oversexed dance pop.”
-Next Magazine

“A hilarious and hot music video.”
-Justin + 1

“Pansexual electro pop trio from the twisted minds of Whore's Mascara…Just full of sexual innuendos and double entendre.”

“Get ready for the most fun diet around: Liquid Diet.”
-According 2 G

“A new sound that is sure to quench your thirst… Liquid Diet dishes out amazing dancefloor-ready disco pop that’ll be sure to make your taste buds tingle.”
-The Showt

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