Hove, East Sussex United Kingdom

Genres:Funk, Reggae/Dub, Classical - Modern/Avant-Garde, Electronic - Trance, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives
Bio: I love the process of composing and discovering what are for me new melodies and grooves. My pieces seem to evolve in such a way that the finished track is always a surprise to me. I am influenced by many styles and try to emulate as many of my musical heroes as possible. So my tracks encompass many genres of music but hopefully include something unique to me.

I am able to interpret a brief to provide soundtracks for media in a number of styles using both natural and synthesised musical instruments. I play piano and guitar. I am a loop maker and drum programmer with extensive experience of Logic Pro musical software.

The tunes presented on my web site are stand-alone pieces but I also write short loops ideal as background for web media presentations. I provided loops in styles ranging from Celtic to rock for BBC jam Business Studies 14-16: Ahead for Business (Key Stage 4) modules.

I am happy to edit/remix pieces to make them more suitable for your needs.
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