Living Machine

Mission Viejo, CA United States

Bio: As a solo artist project for eccentric singer-songwriter-producer Elijah Shepard, Living Machine is a creative outlet to make audible the imaginative textures that persist on dominating his mind; a brand name to give catharsis to his insatiable lust for melody and obsessive personality. His lyrics are often drenched with sarcasm and double meaning, poetic and philosophical yet without being too heavy-handed or annoying. The wonderful thing about Living Machine is the obvious degree of emotion and introspection that makes the music very personal to this listener. Living Machine does not write "pop" songs, in the sense of contrived or superficial ballads and social anthems. That is not to say his music does not satisfy a mainstream appetite or that there are some with chart potential; rather that such is not the intent - and that is the aspect that his fans attach themselves to most.

It should be noted as well how ruled by his sense of humor the artist behind the machine is. Though the film composer side of Elijah casts a long dark shadow, this comedic sensibility is definitely present in the narrative of his songs, including some full-blown diversions into "fun" or otherwise ├╝ber-melancholy ditties to round-out his immense catalog of music.

The sound of Living Machine is dark and inventive, often host to a mixture of orchestral elements, a multitude of vocal layers and guitars, married together with avante-garde pop songwriting. The style of the writing is indulgent yet with just the right element of pop sensibility. The music is entirely written, performed, and produced by the artist which makes Living Machine music authentic and more impressive; especially considering the depth and sheer amount of production that goes into each of his tracks. Simply, Living Machine demands your attention.

His debut album, entitled "Arm Chair Delusions", was released on August 30th, 2008. An instrumental version of "When We Leave" and a follow-up single, "Dreamscreen", were released shortly thereafter. Currently, Living Machine is dipping into the well of literally hundreds of half-recorded songs sitting on hard-drives in his studio, with the plan to release 3-song EPs every 3 months until critical mass is reached.

The band's official website (blog) is located at His producer and composer accolades can be found at his other blog,

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