dale Goodie

Oakville, Ontario Canada

Bio: Dale Goodie has been described as a treasured Canadian natural resource. His blend of evocative lyrics, soulful vocals and innate musicality crosses generations and genres. Dale has channeled his personal history into his art, resulting in music that resonates emotionally and aurally with listeners.

Socrates said: Let him who would move the world first move himself, and Dale Goodie is living that maxim. Dale was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. In October 2006, Dale was diagnosed with Menieres disease, an inner-ear disorder which put an end to his job as a sheet metal worker.

At loose ends, he picked up a guitar and began writing music; within 6 months he had created over 50 songs and embarked on a new career. His songwriting draws upon pop, folk, country and rock styles, resulting in a unique contemporary sound energized by deep, powerful lyrics.
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