The Lost Satellites

Richmond, VA United States

Worlds Collide album art
Bio: The Lost Satellites began as a studio project in the spring of 2007 in Petersburg, VA. They are comprised of a collection of musicians throughout the Mid-Atlantic region area who share the common goal of creating quality music and stimulating songs. The sound is a colorful mix of songwriting and lyricism continuing the traditions of 60's rock, 80's and 90's grunge and alt rock, blanketed with contemporary indie style and attitude. Openly introspective, often provacotive, sometimes irreverent, loads of fun, certaintly post modern...In a medium where image has become more important than integrity, The Lost Satellites are staying focused on the music and true to the art.

The debut album, Worlds Collide, was written and produced by Frank Scott at Flying Squirrel Studios in Petersburg, VA. Featured are many of the former members of the Richmond, VA based band, The McGuffin. Chris Mitchell contributes all but one drum track, and other players appear scattered throughout the songs. Special guest appearances are made by Peter Holsapple (R.E.M., Hootie and the Blowfish, The Db's), who plays a stellar hammond organ arrangement on song 4, "Not For Profit." Another former Db's member, Chris Stamey (Whiskeytown, Caitin Cary, The Db's) mixed the album, and lended a nice synth track on "Hole."
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