Taryn Murphy

Hendersonville, TN United States

Taryn Murphy
Bio: Taryn Murphy is a songwriter and music artist from Washington State now residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Credits include placements on nearly all major television networks as well as three feature films, “Wisegirls”, “A Perfect Life” and the recent blockbuster, “Burn After Reading”.

She has penned two #1 singles for other artists including, “Almost Sorry/Zachem Pridumali Lyubov”” by International pop star Sergey Lazarev and, “Smile” by Ukrainian Diva Ani Lorak.

Many people know of her as a result of her song, “Make It Go Away” which was featured in the 2002 movie, “Wisegirls” (Starring Mariah Carey)

For more information please visit; www.tarynmurphy.com

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