Frank Fogg and Reaction 7

Northfield, OH United States

Bio: Reaction 7 formed in 2007 to develop and release a CD for distribution and airplay based on the psychotic song arrangement of Frank Fogg, the devious guitar arrangements of Chuck Trimble and the percussive tones of Michael F. Roberts. Starting with their second album, Al Fishell joined up to add his own guitar voicings to the mix. With the release of their sixth album, “Young Thing”, Bobby Schroll-Bodean joined Reaction 7 as the bass player.

The stylistic renditions of their original songs involves their own special touches and flairs that sets their music apart from others. Reaction 7 breaks away from delivering “formula” songs. Many of the tracks are recorded in one or two takes to maintain a feeling of spontaneity and freshness.

The members of Reaction 7 have been kicking around together off and on for awhile now. Chuck and Frank have known each other since the third grade. In addition to Reaction 7, Chuck also regularly performs with his three piece classic rock cover band “The Influence” throughout Ohio and Frank has filled in as the regular bass player from time to time.

Al and Frank played together in a combination cover/original metal band named “Saturn’s Reign” for awhile at live shows in Ohio. Once Saturn’s Reign had broken up, Al joined the Reaction 7 project and currently shares the lead guitar duties with Chuck.

Reaction 7 is the first recording project for Michael Roberts. Just a young lad, he proves to us constantly that good things come in small packages! He also serves as the band’s technical and marketing strategist.

Bobby Schroll-Bodean has been featured with the recording groups The Allies (Cleveland, Ohio) and the Marc James band and has been performing in Ohio for over 20 years.

Frank Fogg has been around music and recording since he was a child, performing as a bass and guitar player. Starting out as a street singer in Cleveland, Ohio, he has performed onstage throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania for over 25 years with a number of Rock, Rockabilly and Country bands including The Long Shot Band, Led Foot Lytnyn, Sonixxx, Lynn Chapman Band, The Freed, Target, Saturn’s Reign, State Line Band, The Influence and T.C. Free in addition to solo performances in North Coast coffee houses and jam nights. In addition to Reaction 7, he also composes electronica instrumental music and maintains a website at

Each album by Reaction 7 contains a variety of musical styles from modern rock to techno to americana with many songs often containing a mix of those influences. This band works hard at sounding different than the others (and sometimes succeeds!)

Reaction 7 is located on the world wide web at where you can get more information about Reaction 7 including lyrics for their songs and current news about the band. Reaction 7 is also on MySpace at where you can hear additional songs by the band. Feel free to add us as a friend if you have a MySpace page. The band also has a variety of pages at internet radio stations and social network sites. A full list of these is maintained at
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