Ayiro (Pronounced "Arrow")

Los Angeles, CA United States

Looking over Hollywood... In Hollywood - (symbolic)
Genres:HipHop - Pop/Modern, HipHop - Gangsta/Hardcore, HipHop - Experimental/Alternative, HipHop - Pop/Modern, RnB - Modern/Urban Contemporary
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MUSIC. It's not just a word or a form of expression. To this multi-talented, passionate musician, music is a companion he's been happily married to forever. Ayiro (Pronounced “Arrow”) was first introduced to her during the early 90's. He wanted the Beastie Boys album; instead, his stepfather bought him his first album: Boogie Down Productions "Ghetto Music: The Blueprints of Hip Hop". It was love at first sight. He was then introduced into his first instrument, the violin, also during elementary, which he continued to play until after he graduated high school.

He also began to write rhymes around 11 years old. Ayiro became so superb at the violin he actually held solo performances at his middle school and was concertmaster for two years. It was at one of his performances where a violinist scouted him to attend the music program at Alexander Hamilton high School, which also had students the likes of Omarion, Warryn "Baby Dubb" Campbell, Walter Milsapp III (Timbaland), to name a few. He learned how to beatbox at Hamilton and was involved in the earlier ciphers during the '94-'97 years. The turning point was when he took a class called "Electronic Music" ("With Mr. Peterson...lol) which taught him how to make beats with a Korg Trinity and The Cubase program. Ayiro has been producing ever since.

He attended college from 2000-2003, but decided to leave and pursue his passion for music full time. He attended Los Angeles Recording School in 2003 and became a certified audio engineer. He was able to work with the likes of Billy Moss (Grammy Award winning producer for Mariah Carey, Dave Koz, Anita baker, etc.), Raphael Saddiq, Earth, Wind & Fire, Marc Gordon (of Levert / cousin of the late Gerald Levert), just to name a few. His talent in production continued to mature, and his engineering ear landed him in studios including (but not limited to) Corner 2 Corporate Studios, Rialto, CA (Z.I. a.k.a. ZRiddler - CEO & Artist), The Roach Motel, San Bernardino, CA (Westside Bugg – 1st Engineer and Artist) Larrabee North, Santa Monica, CA & Blakeslee Studios, Hollywood, CA (owned by Raphael Saadiq) BOTH as an engineer and doing side production work.

Ayiro's talent as a beatmaker and producer, growing up with the ORIGINAL Hip Hop, watching hip Hop evolve over time and his universal ear from his violin classical studies has amassed him a large variety of friends and associates involved in music. Currently he has been involved in numerous beat ciphers and battles on the underground scene (i.e. Project Blo'd, Hotel Room, Headknod Sessions, etc.) His skills behind the beats and boards have become so amazing that execs from major labels are now looking at him. His music has drawn some comparisons to those of Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, DJ Quik, J. Dilla & the Neptunes, but when you hear the numerous variety of beats he has (it's slated to be over 1,000 at this time), it becomes impossible to label him after ANY established producer. Not only does he do his own production, but he can also read, write AND compose music for an entire string ensemble, not to mention he's been experienced with the violin and piano for over 10+ years now ("In one of my piano classes I took at CSUB, we had to write our own musical piece and my teacher would play it... He played mine and the look on my classmates’ faces was priceless... he said it was the best piece a student has ever done in his class - This was in 2003"). He is also a songwriter, rounding himself out to being the complete package. If you heard any of Ayiro's music, you know that he's honestly in a league of his own. He has his hands in numerous projects for 2008, not to mention his own projects he has on his Snakecharmer Entertainment label (known as S.C.E.), so make sure to look out for his name in production and recording credits! Ayiro also came VERY close to having his first placement on 50 Cent's new album "Curtis", but that only intensified his focus. His determination to make his mark in the music industry has him right where he wants to be, and with help from God his time to shine is almost at hand.

Ayiro is currently working on “Corporate Hustle”, the compilation from indie label Corner 2 Corporate (Featuring label artists Z.I., Young Lines, Young Truth, Texacal & Uno Corleone), is working on projects with indie label Aktivated Muzik (also known as AK Gang featuring label artists Young Knox, Klientel, Peak, Roc, Mr.Weeze {C.E.O.}, Tay Nati & Sincere) and finishing up projects for independent label Greedy Entertainment (Featuring label artists K9ine Tha Boss, Phenom, Greedy Mac {C.E.O.} & Killa Bop co-starring artists such as Too $hort and T.I.) as well as having track placements on artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Kartoon, Jay Rock, O Brown, WS Bugg, Jayo Felony, Mykestro & Jay Rock, just to name a few. Ayiro is also slated to release his own compilation as well as a couple of production projects later this year (2009).

"I just want to spread God's love through the music I do... I feel like He's baptized me in his ministry of music, which may explain why so many people are feeling my production and believe in my talent. It's a seed He's given me that I want to reap so and share with the world. Hopefully it'll Bless me with other seeds of talent that I can reap and sow. I may get frustrated with my progress every now and then, but I’m so passionate that I'm a perfectionist; I’m my own worst enemy. I promised my mom and grandmother a house from my music, and I told her she would be walking down the aisles with me when I win my first Grammy: I am a man of my word, and I intend on keeping my promises. Overall, I just continue to remain humble, do what I do, and surprise the haters and critics that say I couldn't do it on my own." - 12/2007
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