Tess Henley

Kent, WA United States

Tess Henley - Easy to Love
Bio: Seattle's Tess Henley has been described as an emotional voice that you can FEEL. Tess prefers to think of herself as a songwriter who strives to write musically rich songs (she was awarded Top 3 in the prestigious John Lennon 2011 Worldwide Songwriting Competition). Tess has made a name for herself around the world for insightful lyrics and melodic music, but it was daily Suzuki piano lessons from the age of three that developed her ear for a song’s “musicality”. That music draws comparisons to the best neo-soul and pop artists of today (and yesterday).

Opening for Jill Scott & Anthony Hamilton as the winner of Budweiser's Superfest Vocalist Contest, the grand prize of $25,000 is helping record her next CD. Now one of the top selling new artists for Tower Records in Japan, Tess’ new 7” vinyl took the #1 spot for all genres at Japan's mega vinyl stores, JetSet. ‘Boy In The Window’ won the 2011 International Song Competition at the largest soul site in America (SoulTracks.com), who adds: “Henley as a vocalist doesn’t suffer from being compared to Alicia Keys. Both eschew the breathy little girl sound that is the rage these days. Henley, like Keys, opens her mouth and gives a full-throated vocal that sounds mature, passionate and believable.” Henley is an artist on the rise.

A recent University of Washington grad, Tess has performed 100s of shows at the area’s top venues, rapidly growing her fan base. Tower Records is also a fan, pushing a Japanese Special Edition CD with large in-store recommendations. "Tower has been so nice,” says Tess, “they’ve blessed the record with marketing that some big labels don't even get these days, Arigato! Tower".

Music lovers outside America are connecting with her music as well, thanks to reviews like these; The highly respected Soul & Jazz & Funk (UK) says “Tess shows remarkable maturity and focus, her music is draped in luscious harmonies; it’s truly infectious. The Henley approach to music is all about craftsmanship, commitment and an appreciation of what truly constitutes musicality.”

Tess' new CD for 2012 is being recorded with a very talented team in Philadelphia, but in the meantime, you can enjoy 12 of her best tracks to date found on a Deluxe Edition of Easy To Love, released Sept. 2011.
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