Jonathan C. Ulmer

Las Vegas, NV United States

Bio: Jonathan C. Ulmer, Composer/Producer

I am a self-taught musician, composer, and producer. Ever since I bargained for my first instrument, a cedar flute, at age 14 I have been a student, fan, and creator of music. Not having had the privilege of a formal music education or access to the funds required to purchase instruments, I spent most of my teen years saving change in a jar for my first guitar. In high school, I played flute and sang in a band – a short-lived 15 minutes of teenage glory. My first experience with composition/production came in my early 20s after getting my hands on a PC and a borrowed demo copy of music production software. Shortly thereafter I worked on an online comic book, “Avalon”, for which I created all the music. When the first subscriber became the only subscriber, a refund was given and that project also became a short-lived taste of what it would be like to compose music for multimedia purposes. Ever since then, I have been working on building my knowledge of production and composition while developing a catalog of songs that reflect my unique blend of musical influences and experiences. At this point in my life, I am tirelessly pursuing a career as a working composer, and loving every minute of it.
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