Clay Martin

Decatur, AL United States

Clay at work in his studio; CMG Recording Studio, Decatur, AL
Genres:Gospel/Religious, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Production - Rock, Production - Rock, Latin - Pop
Bio: Clay Martin – Clay began his music career as a drummer and was successful not only as a professional drummer, but also in writing and arranging a number of his bands songs and opening shows for many national acts in the past. In 2006 Clay wrote and produced his first CD, “Chryst13 - Looking for Some Angels”. From that CD the song "Sunday, Sunday Morning" was picked up by TCT Wisdom Publishing. TCT Wisdom took the song into the studio and recorded a beautiful Spanish and English version, featuring female vocalists Diane Newberry and Layla Hoyle. Music form "Sunday, Sunday Morning" has had national and International placement in TV shows such as The Relic Hunter, How We Do It, Emeril Green, How Bruce Lee Changed The World and VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown to name a few. In October 2013 Clay released his self produced EP “Let It Roll”, a dynamic collection of songs with catchy guitar riffs and memorable hooks that grab you from the start. To date, Clay continues to hone his craft writing and recording in many Genres making his mark in the music Industry.
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