Dallas, TX United States

Genres:Easy Listening, Country - Contemporary/Pop, Jazz - Bebop/Traditional, Specialty - Christmas/Holiday
Bio: Though Frank-Hailey Eric Zukoski’s last album, "Passing It Around" (SeaBreeze Jazz/Allegro Distribution) can still heard on rotation on radio, TV, and multiple compilations, after seven years, this Texas group was itching to record another. The result, "An Old Sweet Song", named by "Jazzlines" (NPR) as one of the ten best jazz recordings of 2008, is a concept album that features jazz interpretations of popular compositions not normally associated with the jazz genre, ranging from the likes of Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz to Maria Muldauer’s Midnight At The Oasis.

All About Jazz noted that “Hailey is a cousin of seminal jazz pianist and composer Cedar Walton. But as this CD amply illustrates, Hailey need not invoke the reputation of his well-known relative to gain recognition, revealing he is a fine piano performer in his own right. . . Hopefully this initial outing is the forerunner of more albums in the future."

This wish for the future has now arrived, and the result is an album with broad appeal to not just jazz fans, but fans of popular music of all styles. This broad appeal is boosted by performance and production work from Eric Zukoski, who as a bassist has backed artists ranging from The Drifters to Three Dog Night, and whose work as a record producer includes accomplishments in several genres outside of jazz, including having produced what is now the best-selling compilation of Texas music in history.

Recent airplay reports show that Frank Hailey-Eric Zukoski Trio's latest album An Old Sweet Song is currently receiving airplay in all radio markets, including great jazz stations WUCX (Jazzlines/National Public Radio, #4 on 10 Best Recordings of 2008) Public Radio, International (“Jazz After Hours”, syndicated) WGLT, KSDS, WUCF, KVLU, KJAZZ, WICN, WUNC, KJHK, KIPO, WRUR KAFM, WEFT, and others, along with numerous webcasters.
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