Sam Pollard

Port Melbourne, VIC Australia

Sam Pollard
Bio: MELBOURNE based musician Sam Pollard started playing the piano at the age of five and never looked back. As well as writing all of his own music, Sam plays piano and keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, cornet, trumpet and trombone, and sings in various styles.

Raised in the UK but relocated to Australia, Sam's musical influences include the best of British rock as well as classical and jazz styles. Classically trained, with live experience ranging from rock to big band jazz and improv, Sam's excitement for music shines through in his performances. “Sam Pollard blew us away when he did a couple of live acoustic tracks in the studio” said Mark Missen, President of Southern FM Radio in Melbourne. “It was a sensational off the cuff effort and shows just how talented this performer is”.

Sam has recently completed a professional studio recording of his album "World of Difference" with his band and producer Jimi Maroudas at "Sing Sing" studios in Melbourne. The album received a GrIndie award from RadioIndy who said “Pollard’s vocals are rhythmical and have a fashionable flair of alternative pop/rock. His lyrics are narrative and bouncy and he delivers a message within each song as a chronicle of events.”

Recent achievements include the inclusion of the song "What to do What to say" on two compilation albums in Australia and the UK, and success in the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest with "Blah Blah" reaching the finals in the Rock/Indie category (top 30 out of 6200+ entries) and "What to do What to say" reaching the semi-finals in the Pop category.

Public interest has been increasing with radio play on several terrestrial and internet radio stations in Australia and internationally. Sam and his band have had a busy year developing their fan base through album sales, festivals, gigs and performing live on radio, and are looking forward to touring Australia early next year.

Sam’s music crosses a number of genres from acoustic singer-songwriter to alternative rock and has been compared (amongst others) to Robbie Williams, Queen, Ben Folds Five, David Blunt, Muse, Crowded House and Lior.
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