Ella Jones

London, London United Kingdom

Miss Ella Jones

29 years old, London-born singer-songwriter, has been playing the piano and writing songs since she was a child...
She is like no other,
But a bit like Carol King, and a bit like Sade.

Ella has flavours of Jazz, Soul, Rock and Blues in her sound.
Her melodies are memorable.
Her words are poetry.
And as for her voice....

Ella has been playing all over the world, including Ronnie Scotts and the Jazz Cafe, for the past 6 years.
She has sung to audiences in New York, Ibiza, Athens, and has headlined a huge charity event in Pakistan.
If you haven't seen her, you will soon.
Currently, Ella's endeavors include running North London's answer to the Kashmir Klub, a monthly live music event, and an internet radio show.
She is collaborating with Drum and Bass producers dj Trex and Cybin on future drum and bass releases.
She is part of a hip-hop collective and is currently in the studio recording their album, as well as playing across London solo or with her band.

She is signed to independent label Mamalou Records.
She has a self penned album.
It's called 'Be my guest'
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