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Denver, CO United States

Live in New York
Genres:Electronic - Trance, Electronic - Techno, Electronic - Experimental, Electronic - Electro, Electronic - Ambient, Specialty - Classic - Horror/Suspense
Bio: Music From the Future™
Fantasart™ Productions
GEARLust™ Studios

About Music From the Future™
It is original electronic concept music performed on a tower of synthesizers, beat boxes & sequencers. This music is my medium for creating fantasy images that are composed in a stream-of-consciousness realm.
The sounds are tones and images of places and emotions; they occur as ideas, thoughts and inspirations in the process of life. Some compositions happen accidentally and may never be recreated again; others are places, dedications and my view of the world and my experiences. Images of classical masters, modern electronica music, trance, techno, space, ambient and futuristic influences abound in a continually evolving experimentation in Synthesis. Endless electronic doodlings and avant - garde experiences are heard along with strong emotive melodies. There is always a chance where I will experience pure inspiration and compose a piece on the spot as one watches and listens - - this is the essence of Fantasart™ - - a blend of fantasy and art for all to sense, hear and enjoy.
My goal is to do more public contact music, so everyone can enjoy it by using public and commercial radio, TV, and live concerts. I would like to score soundtracks for movies, commercials, video games, sound beds and occasion music for events, and also attain CD distribution opportunities. I truly believe this is the new music of the sophisticated futuristic culture and it must be heard.
Acknowledgments, letters of recommendation, reviews, photographs and CD’s are available on request and on my website.

I was born in Amsterdam, Holland to professional musicians.
My first introduction to electronic music was around 1973 when I heard Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s first album & Kraftwerk’s Autobahn; ever since then, I was enthused with the sound of synthesizers & dreamed of owning them. Other than rock concerts, I did not see my first synth until 1976, a fabulously expensive Moog modular. I never gave up the dream & bought my first two Casio keyboards in the early ‘80’s. After I sold these, my true dream was realized in 1985 when I bought a Korg Poly 800 & taught myself digital synthesis. Now I own 7 synths, sequencers, beatboxes, a rack of processors, recording software, a 16-channel mixer and other toys! My main influences are Kraftwerk, ELP, Tangerine Dream, the Orb, many DJ’s, techno, trance, rave, Goa and psytrance music, Burning Man, Spirit Journeys and life.
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