Robin Brodsky

East Weymouth, MA United States

Robin is happiest in the studio!
Genres:Kids/Quirky, Country - Contemporary/Pop, Country - Classic, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Rock - Alternative Rock
Bio: Soon to be released by Destiny Point Records, Singer-songwriter Robin Brodsky's debut CD "Songs from the Seventh House" brings together an array of talent - from award-winning guitar god Tony Savarino (Black Fortress of Opium, World's Greatest Sinners) to drummer Mike Levesque (Dave Navarro, David Bowie) and pianist Phil Aiken (Buffalo Tom). Recorded at the acclaimed Moontower Studios in Cambridge (Bang Camaro, Dragstrip Courage), you would swear these tunes came straight out of Nashville. Superstar recording artist Jann Arden says "Brodsky sings from the heart, it's in her blood". SONG OF THE YEAR gave Robin a perfect "10" score for lyrical dynamics, content form and clarity, saying that her lyrics "steal the show". LeAnn Zotta, VP of the SONGDOOR INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITING COMPETITION, says her music is "good old-school country stuff.. terrific lyrics, real and clever." Country artist King Creole says about Brodsky - "I thought Patsy Cline was resurrected!" The songs seem to come to Robin faster than she can write them down & she has recently taken on penning the tunes for singer-songwriter Kim Riley's debut CD as well as her own. Robin has a vast & varied resume - performing at the Brown's hotel in the Catskills with a cabaret troupe from Stagedoor Manor where she spent 5 summers as a child, majoring in theatre at Syracuse University, singing backup for the surfer-pop group The Come Arounds, being an extra in Clint Eastwood's film "Mystic River", even winning as a contestant on the game show Wheel of Fortune - but songwriting has been her most pleasurable pursuit to date. Robin is registered as a BMI songwriter & lastly she wants everyone to know that no, she's not related to Chuck or Joseph Brodsky - but yes she is related to Stephen Brodsky of Cave In.
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