Tom Horne

Los Angeles, ca United States

TOM HORNE Word Salad
Bio: Hailing from the lush hills of East Tennessee and the noisy streets of Los Angeles, songwriter and singer Tom Horne reaches into the depths of his own psyche with the stunning solo debut, WORD SALAD, a dark musical journey where traditional instruments and clean, clear lyricism are infused with haunting production and counter melodies. This former sideman guitarist has worked with other musicians for years, often contributing his original songs to various projects. Described as a mix of Tom Waits and John Prine, and heavily influenced by Mark Lanegan and Bob Dylan, Horne's scratchy vocals add to the genuine moody feel and are sometimes contrasted with background vocals by Co-Producer Stephanie Riggio's ethereal sound. Horne has had his share of demons from within and without, and WORD SALAD both exorcises and offers hope through the power of music
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