TORRINGTON, CT United States

Drew Chadwick
Genres:Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Pop - Adult Contemporary, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Experimental/Post-Rock
Bio: Chadwick's red-hot music is leaving burn marks on the world of electronica and dance. Calling forth a rich army of musical influences, he crafts vibrant songs that hold the listener in thrall. Trance, synth pop, house, trip-hop, new wave, folk, funk, jazz, fusion and so much more collide in a brilliant flash of creative energy.
Songs such as Feels Like We're Already There, the latest single from Chadwick, demonstrate the balance and contrast of flavors always surging from this artist. Sharp musical instincts are obviously at work here. Both dark and melodic, Feels Like We're Already Here treads the emotional ground where fear and hope intersect and the musical textures reflect that. Pulsing beat, compelling vocals, thick atmosphere, tremendous melodic sensibilities and production values alive with clarity these elements all stimulate the music lover's third eye.

Chadwick is an American songwriter, musician, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist with experience on guitar, bass, piano, drums and other percussion, flute, violin, harmonica, banjo, mandolin and vocals; whose work is steeped in a mingling of the organic and electronic. His musical philosophy is based in the idea that improvisation and freestyle lyrics are the superior techniques for capturing the moment in song without misinterpretation.
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