Joe Bonacci

New York, NY United States

Joe Bonacci
Bio: What do, Yoko Ono…John Lennon … Tito Puente …Freddie Hubbard … Stan Getz …John Lewis (Modern Jazz Quartet)… Manhattan Swing Orchestra have in common?

JOE BONACCI, the contemporary guitarist and songwriter,
both smooth & urban his jazz guitar playing will take you on a sweet
musical trip. You can hear everything in Joe’s picking and plucking from R & B, Jazz, Rock to Brazilian Samba, Caribbean Soca and Country.
The Village Voice wrote of Joe, “a striking country- bop guitarist. Gary Giddens, the famous jazz critic of the Voice loved his jazz loft performances.

“Joe, your tunes sound great!”
-Steely Dan’s music director, Jon Herington
Your playing is spot on and your songs are terrific.
-Bon Jovi’s keyboardist, Jeff Kazee

As a studio professional his versatile playing can be heard on records, television programs and TV commercials, ranging from folksy 12 string guitar to jazzy hollow body guitar to rocking' solid bodies. Some of the TV spots include Kodak, Air Mexico, Proctor & Gamble to name a few.

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