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Bio: Everpresent is Matthew Cahoon, a unique vocalist, keyboardist, percussionist, and songwriter.

Matthew created Everpresent in January of 2002 as a vehicle to bring his unique blend of dark pop and elelectronica the world. As the nucleus and self-contained one-man band of Everpresent, Matthew has recruited several talented live and session performers over the past 8 years to assist him in bringing his vision to light. In 2002, Everpresent released their debut EP and began performing all over Boston at clubs such as the Skybar, Harper's Ferry, Great Scott's, as well as Boston University and Berklee College of Music.

In 2004, Everpresent released "Singles and Remixes", which contained the song, "Behind Your Veil" which received national college radio airplay in March & April of 2004 under the direction of Foley Entertainment. 2005 brought about the compilation of the Archive DVD as a retrospective of the 2002-2004 performances and rehearsals to mark the group's first chapter. During this time, Everpresent received favorable press in the US, UK, the Netherlands, and Israel.

In 2006, Everpresent enjoyed the success of a CMJ advertised national college radio campaign featuring the single, "Elusive", which signaled another shift in the band's artistic evolution. In 2007, Everpresent released their third CD, "Collage", a combination of pop tracks, electro-remixes, and live recordings.

In 2008-09, Matthew focused on composition, arranging, and assembling the newest incarnation of the project. Everpresent began recording their most edgy, diverse, and multi-layered CD, entitled "Phoenix," featuring all new, innovative material that encompasses intense lyrics and a broader musical palette. The CD, to be released in 2011 has been recorded by Kenny P. (whose clients include Dave Yules and other up and coming Boston artists) and co-produced by Steve Catizone and James Willetts of Sanctum Sound (whose clients include Stevie Wonder, Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith, Jojo, Mario, Ludacris, Gary Cherone, and Earth Wind and Fire).

This new collection of songs offers a deeper, more intimate sonic adventure for existing Everpresent fans, and presents a potent new style of Dark Pop Electronica to the current musical landscape.

Everpresent has currently released "Darklight", a sultry electro maxi-single (featuring remixes by Galvanax and Cahoon/Willetts), and its official music video. This new track and video features Matthew as the sole performer/songwriter on all instruments and vocals.

The video was conceptualized by Matthew Cahoon and Reshama Damle High (who also choreographed and visually designed the video), and directed by Zach Salsman, The "Darklight" video features the dance talents of Reshama Damle High, Shereen Faltas (hair and make-up), and Jennifer Vix.

Everpresent's releases are currently available online through CDBaby.com, and on numerous digital distribution services including iTunes, as well as the local Boston retail store, Newbury Comics.
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