Vancouver, BC Canada

Bio: Transientworld is a music production team based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Stylistically, Transientworld's music ranges from downtempo, moody, electronic soundscapes to upbeat, in-your-face, electronic rock and industrial
compositions. There is a consistent incorporation of organic instruments laced throughout their extensive musical library bringing an earthy, realistic element to well structured and impactful song arrangements. Within this catalogue of music are many instrumental pieces as well as a collection of
songs featuring both male and female vocals. Many guest musicians have also collaborated on Transientworld songs further expanding the depth of their catalogue. Because of Transientworld's catchy and accessible music library they
have found placements for their music in many tv shows, films and commercials over the years including:
- Ripley Underground (Feature Film Starring Barry Pepper, Willem Dafoe)
- The L Word (Showcase) Season 1
- The L Word (Showcase) Season 2
- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
- America's Next Top Model
- Godiva's (Bravo)
- Michael Jackson VH1 Biography
- The Dead Zone
- Dark Oracle
- ESPN Offshore Adventures
- Cold Squad
- Word Travels (ABC)
- Dirt (FX Series) Starring Courtney Cox
- Traveler (ABC Network)
- Blood Ties
- Ocean Hunter (ESPN 2)
- Jane Show (Lifetime)
- Party Never Stops Diary of a Binge Drinker, Movie of the Week (Lifetime) USA
- Box Office
- Robson Arms
- Date my Mom
- Dalziel and Pascoe
- American Gun Dog

In two consecutive years, 2002-2003 they found themselves winners of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest with their award winning tracks "Awake" and "Forever in the Sun" in the Electronica Category. This prestigious contest had over 250,
000 entries and with judges including Bjork, Wyclef Jean, and Meshell to name a few.

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